Alcohol and Romance

Most people chase tail more or less intensively in their lives. This is fundamentally a good thing, because if no one ever got lucky, there would be no humans on earth. Nevertheless, sex can be a sensitive topic to talk about. Therefore, a lot of people front, saying they don’t care about sex. Usually though, you don’t even have to look people in the eye to know that such a statement is untrue.

Open or not about their romantic desires, a lucky few can get laid with almost whoever they want to, while others, in contrast, have to work hard to hook up with anyone at all. This is unfair but such is life. Still though, fortunately for the less fortunate ones, you can learn how to get better at picking up other boys and girls. Let trial and error be your guide, never make the same mistake twice, and avoid calling yourself a player — and you will eventually become a male or female casanova.

Those who don’t have the patience to learn from trial and error — or simply want to liven things up — often turn to booze. Having a booze on usually makes your inhibitions go away and people who normally sweat social or romantic situations, therefore, not seldom think that alcohol could be their key to a make out session. However, were you to go overboard and get trashed in your attempts to reach first base, it is likely that your date will want to diss you rather than kiss you. For this reason, if you are aware that you are about to become shitfaced, you had better hang back or split early. Otherwise you risk people remembering you as a lovesick slob.