Different Types of Idiots

Let me introduce you to different types of idiots. Schmucks, to begin with, are obnoxious and, as a result, unpleasant to be around. They are not necessarily stupid but not known to be particularly brainy either.

Marks, furthermore, are weak and foolish, which makes them easy targets for people who want to take advantage of them. Because they often don’t know how to keep others from screwing with them, marks usually lack street smarts. Even so, when their vulnerability entirely stems from being in a weak position, there is no reason to doubt their mental capacity.

Continuing on the topic of idiocy, tools are so stupid that they can get suckered again and again without knowing it. If you see a tool, it is therefore nice if you make him or her aware of being a tool because the later one finds out about it the worse it feels. You are, actually, being kind of a jerk if you don’t tell tools that they are tools.

A group of people who have the same distasteful personality type as jerks are jocks. But one could only be named a jock if one, apart from being a jerk, is also good at sports. Interestingly, in the slang world, none of the above-mentioned types of people are badasses. A badass is ultra-cool and someone people look up to, but most people will never be able to become. In other words, badasses’ behavior is on fleek whereas marks’ and tools’ behavior generally is not on fleek.