Get a Winner Mentality

Chokers don’t do well in tough situations. This is not due to any sloppy behavior or lack of preparation, since chokers, indeed, could be wicked good at what they do. Instead, these people simply lack the cahonies or mental fortitude to handle things right when the stakes get high.

Because of pressure, in tough situations, chokers are not able to kick ass as they usually do. Consequently, seeing known chokers take free throws in even basketball games is a sports fan-nightmare. For everybody’s sake, in decisive moments in sports, chokers should really only be kicking back on the sideline. Instead, in these pressured situations, responsibility should rest on players who are not sweating tough situations as much.

Luckily, if you are a choker, you can learn how to not blow important opportunities. The key is to build momentum from the small victories that always exist in life. If you do so, you will soon have a solid set of balls allowing for both big victories and a walk beaming with swag.