How to Behave on a Date with a Girl

True ladies’ men always have their dates planned in advance. Still, if what they have organized is not working out, they know when to ditch the plans and start winging it instead. This makes them both reliable and excitingly unpredictable at the same time.

Continuing on the topic of attractive dating behavior, a real Don Juan, is able to riff on any topic imaginable. Give him Shakespeare or the latest party and he will elaborate on either subject without any awkward hesitation. Even so, importantly, he is careful not to talk over the girl. A real Don Juan assesses every situation and fills it with interesting content when, and only when, it’s timely to do so. His conversation skills, simply put, are on fleek.

Lastly, on first dates it is important to not be cheap. As a man you must insist on picking up the whole tab and avoid suggesting to go dutch. If you don’t, you set yourself up for some bad mojo, and you risk the girl dissing you or, even worse, stiffing you over your cheapness the next time you ask her out.