Work Hard Play Hard

Ladies and gents, this is Nico, a person you really wish was your homie. With a heart larger than a king size bed, every weekend he invites fifty buddies to rock out in his luxurious villa. Here, at casa de Nico, all expenses are on the house, and with music blasting Nico and his friends party like there is no tomorrow.

When Sunday comes and people finally cruise, all epic celebrations at the villa stop, and Nico goes into hustling mood. This hustling, a constant grind from Sunday to Friday, has resulted in Nico owning three successful companies, all of which generate big bucks. However, for every one hundred dollars he earns, he has to pay about twenty smackers to Uncle Sam in corporate tax. That’s just the way it works.

Because Nico has seemingly inexhaustible energy, rumor has it that he is on some freakish drugs. But this is not true. Nico is the real deal and he plans on remaining a party crazy workaholic for the rest of his life — even if it means one day grabbing a portable stereo and rolling up on fellow old-timers in a wheel chair.