Soccer moms

Mother and her daughter sitting on a park bench.

In the United States there is a group of women who are sometimes called soccer moms. These women spend a great deal of time driving their children to and from various after-school activities, including soccer, and often stay to watch their children at the activities. The children’s preferred activities, in other words, take up a big chunk of soccer moms’ time, allowing moms to bond with their kids in areas of interest for the kids. The soccer moms, too, through their children’s activities, have a good chance to meet and connect with other parents, which is why driving to training sessions, matches and gatherings could be considered almost as important for devoted mothers as it is for their sons and daughters.

Hectic but rewarding

The social benefits of being engaged in children’s activities makes the choice to regularly participate in these events obvious to many women. However, this is not to say that being a soccer mom is easy. A soccer mom, to begin with, has to stay on top of schedule changes, organize carpooling and make sure that their kids pack all the right equipment. Family dinners or snacks, furthermore, due to sporting and non-sporting events, often have to be prepared with significant time constraints, and tired or dispirited children may drain both patience and energy. Nevertheless, despite the pressure put on them, soccer moms can usually always be relied on to cheer on from the sidelines or bring extra hiking material to a youth scouting event, demonstrating quite clearly why they could easily be considered their children’s biggest supporter.

Middle-class women driving minivans

The many sports-loving daddies, who may support their sons and daughters in an equally valuable way as the soccer moms, have not garnered the same reputation as their female counterparts. This, one would have to assume, ought to be because men overall do not fill the exact same function in the same numbers as soccer moms do. Instead, in the self-assumed children’s organizer role that is the soccer mom role, women have made themselves more culturally relevant than men, and in the process come to be known for their most typical characteristics. These characteristics, which paint an oversimplified image, describe soccer moms as white, middle-class women living in the suburbs and driving minivans.